Maria D. Cangemi
Maria was born in a small town in Italy where her family owned the local retail store. Her father was also an accomplished musician. A very close family, they decided to relocate to the United States to join Maria’s older sister and her three children. After completing her education in Italy and spending a short time in Rome, Maria came to America at age 16. In high school her natural artistic ability was recognized and after winning a New York State Society of Illustrators Gold Medal, she was offered a full scholarship to the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York City. She graduated with degrees in Illustration and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The New School.
As a freelance illustrator Maria created book covers, illustrated magazine stories and developed a unique style of pencil portraits. Her work is included in the US Library of Congress. Maria began contributing to Cangemi Company as the Art Director for the IS Control Journal from 1987 to 1993. She provided critical design direction as the publication grew in physical size, frequency and distribution. She produced all the original cover Illustrations and design decisions during the period the MC Communications Division handle all aspects of the magazine editorial and production.
As the Cangemi family grew and became more independent Maria accepted a para-teaching position, working with special education children, for the Edison Township Board of Education. Maria still does art projects for CanCo. She has produced original portraits for each of the International Presidents of ISACA for two decades. Maria assists Cangemi Company with design in all aspects of the business, not the least of which is this web site.