Michael J. Cangemi
Mike Cangemi is a Television Producer and independent film maker. Most recently he has been producing for Fuse Networks and MTV, where his main responsibility is field production for “Hoppus on Music”, which airs on Friday night; prior to that he was overseeing the production of “Steven’s Untitled Rock Show” which aired weekdays.  for more infomation see : www.mikecangemi.com
Prior to Fuse, Mike was an Associate Producer at MTV Networks a division of Viacom Corp, where he produced specials for the Real World, as well as, the Real World/Road Rules Challenge series.

He joined MTV in December 2000 in the MTV Music & Series Development department, after serving as a Production Assistant on a number of media projects for MTV, Comedy Central,  ABC Dakota Films and VH1. Prior to this he was with USANetworks SCI-FI Channel from May 1999 to July 2000, when he began his Production Assistant work. He graduated from University of Rhode Island with a BA in Communications in May 1999.

Mike’s has performed voice over work in various MTV promotions. An accomplished musician, Mike has been a member of the band the LUNCHBOX and is currently a member of the band the CLAMS from Long Beach Island New Jersey. Mike plays lead guitar, bass, leads & rhythms and backing vocals.

At CanCo, Mike is working on an independent film related to his interest in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. He also produces original music. As part of the film project he was introduced to a clam digger named Ted Paul, who is also the founder of The CLAMS, and is know locally as Clammer Ted. This clammer is a local legend known around the island for his original rock n’ roll. Mike began filming the band and eventually joined The Clams along with drummer Nick Pierce. Together with Clammer Ted, Mike and Nick produced the album Up from The Mud. The CLAMS write and play all original and copyrighted songs written, arranged and produced by the band. For more see www.mikecangemi.com
For more information on The Clams see the my space link.