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Below is a link to download Michael Cangemi’s presentation slides from the Rutger’s Continuous Monitoring Conference on November 5, 2010:

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Michael Cangemi will be speaking at Rutger’s Continuous Monitoring Conference on November 5, 2010 at the Rutgers Newark campus.

The slides from Michael Cangemi’s CAE discussion at ISACA NJ are now available.

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We are proud to announce that Michael P Cangemi CPA – Former Editor-in-Chief of the ISACA Journal 1987-2007 and recent COSO Board member has agreed to moderate the session. Michael wrote a popular book, Managing the Audit Function, based on his CAE experiences and went on to be a CIO, CFO, CEO and Board member. Chapter President, Andy Ellsweig, who helps lead Eisner’s Technology Audit & Advisory practice will serve as a co-moderator. continue reading…

Michael P. Cangemi to speak at the “Enterprise Continuous Controls Monitoring Conference 9-1-10. He will discuss his views on CM now and in the future!

Registration is FREE and will earn you 2.5 Continuing Education credits!

To register for the event, please click here: Register for Enterprise Continuous Controls Monitoring Conference Here!

If you would like more information on the event hosts, The Controls Institute, click here.

Event Information is listed below: continue reading…

As the recession grinds on what should internal auditors be doing differently?

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This was the theme of a keynote I presented on March 17, 2010, titled: Economic Crisis- Auditors Evolving Role. As a former CAE, CFO and CEO, I implored the over 150 internal auditors to put themselves in their management’s position. Audit and compliance costs (internal and external) have doubled in the past 8 years. Be assured, this increase has management’s attention!

The recession has put pressure on revenues and companies are responding by cutting costs. IA needs to find ways to reduce compliance costs while expanding coverage. I proposed two, low cost high imagination, solutions. Outsourcing aspects to IA to lower cost countries and using automation through continuous monitoring of controls CCM.

I discussed the trend of business process outsourcing (BPO) of for example, payroll, payables and recently accounting and mail room functions, to countries such as Costa Rica and India. As for CCM, I suggested IA should be recommending it to operations, as a way to build in compliance integrated right into the systems. IA is in a perfect position to identify CCM applications which should reduce cost overtime, expand compliance coverage and save audit time as well.

I quoted Oversight Systems President Patrick Taylor, “ No business process works perfectly. The sooner an error is identified and corrected the better.”  IA should continue to use continuous auditing (CA) to automate the audit process but these concepts (use of automation to drive down costs and expand coverage) should be driven throughout the organization, with CCM.

Another post credit crisis issue is the push to involve IA in ERM. My advice was to set the IA Charter very carefully when it comes to ERM. IA can be a factor but is not in the Board room where most major risks are assumed.

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We are please to announce Michael P Cangemi CPA will be presenting a keynote at the IIA 2010 Mid-Atlantic District Conference – Fraud, Financial Crisis, and Fundamentals – Adapting to Today’s Changing Environment! In addition he will be moderating a panel of Chief Audit Executives (CAEs). continue reading…

the-new-normal-11-10-color How business should respond to the recovering recession and changes to healthcare, banking and real estate strategies. Come to ask our professional panels your questions!

The post credit crisis has resulted in a lingering recession, with lower consumer spending, greater savings and tight credit. In reaction federal and state governments are expanding regulations, providing incentives and proposing once in a generation changes to taxes and medical coverage programs. These changes will have a significant impact on businesses of all sizes and you need to stay informed to adjust your business plans.

Cangemi to speak at CBI’s 5th Annual Pharma/Biotech Enterprise Governance, Risk and Controls Congress on September 23rd & 24th, 2009. in Philadelphia
Michael Cangemi will be speaking at the Center for Business Intelligence’s 5th Annual Conference on Governance, Risk and Controls in Philadelphia. Details of Mr. Cangemi’s  module are listed below. To register for the seminar or obtain more information please visits the conference’s homepage by clicking here.
Leverage Risk Management and Monitoring to Manage Uncertainty in Financial Markets
Havoc in the financial markets and uncertainty over the timeframe of economic recovery has placed enormous strain on senior management and board members. Strategic planning, coupled with a sound risk management and monitoring approach, are proven ways to alleviate these strains and position organizations for success. Additionally, the use of monitoring should reduce the overall cost of compliance, and save year-end audit expenses. This featured session parlays years of audit and senior management experience into a tool kit for organizations looking to thrive in the current economy. Topics discuss will include:

  • Update on COSO and new guidance on monitoring internal controls
  • SEC guidance for management
  • PCAOB and AS5 considerations for auditors
  • What has gone wrong with risk management
  • Ways to thrive in the current economic crisis
  • Key board issues to consider

Click here to download a pdf version of the flyer.

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