Our Financial Boot Camp (FBC) is a financial literacy seminar. Initially we will address key target customer groups such as High School students.
There is a need for improvement in understanding of financial matters among many groups in the USA. Over the past 3 decades individuals have been accumulating more wealth, expanding the use of debt and there has been a transfer of responsibilities for personal financial management from employers to individuals. The best example of this is the need for financial planning for retirement as a result of the replacement of defined benefit plans with defined contribution plans by employers. Individuals now must manage their savings for retirement both in their 401K and other company sponsored savings plans as well as personal savings.
The objectives of the FBC are to teach:

  • The relationship of economic and social development.
  • Basics of money, debt (credit cards) and investments.
  • Basics financial accounting and financial statements i.e.: the language of business.
  • How a business operates, the mission, satisfy a customer, the function of a board.
  • Exposure to functions of a business including senior management, information systems, accounting and credit, sales & marketing, HR, product or service development and customer support.