Michael P Cangemi has had a long and very interesting career with 14 years in public practice and 20 years in the corporate world. During this time he has been a prolific writer, active speaker and worked with a number of professional associations. Recently, he has been devoting more time to writing, speaking and other projects. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act has created a demand for internal audit expansion and therefore on subjects covered in his book  “Managing the Audit Function” and he has  written a new speech “Trends in Corporate Governance – Reactions to SOX!” to go along with his core  presentation “Managing A Successful Audit Function.”

In public practice he  held the position of partner and national practice director. He founded the Internal Audit Services business at BDO Seidman in 1988, long before the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) was passed. He gained prominence as a leader in the professions of IT Audit, Internal Audit and Corporate Governance.

In industry he has the distinction of having been the chief audit officer and then CIO of a fortune 500 company. In the last dozen yeas he was a CFO who successfully transitioned to CEO and Director of Aigner Group, Inc. For a time he was on the board of a London Stock Exchange company, Hartstone Group, PLC. These experiences give Michael a unique combination of experiences that allow him to gain and share insights into emerging issues in these practices.

Since Michael has been consistently publishing and speaking about business trends, as his career continued, his material presents current developments with advice and interesting prospectives.

If you have a need for a speaker and are willing to pay expenses and honorarium please contact me to discuss the specifics. If you would like to discuss a speaking opportunity for your organization, send an email to contacts us or  mpcangemi@canco.us